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Beer and bread may seem irrelevant to each other, they indeed have something in common: the ingredients that go into making them. Beer contains malted barley, hops and yeast, and when brewing, malt is generally 78% of the total raw ingredients - which can be replaced by the surplus bread collected. After launching our Pale Ale in Hong Kong, we got the opportunity to work closely with the Hong Kong Maxim's Group to use surplus bread from their factories to brew BOB (Bottle of Bread).

No only does Breer put a huge emphasis on waste reduction and upcycling, but we also found the spirit of cherishing food from Hong Kong Maxim’s Group quite fascinating which gave rise to the BOB beer series. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, BOB has integrated sustainable innovation, recycling of leftover food, and youth driven entrepreneurship. We believe that such a partnership between a food upcycling start-up and an F&B and restaurant chain is another compelling example to serve the community and execute innovation and sustainable concepts in one go. We wish to deliver BOB to different markets for like-minded people to enjoy!​

BOB is a 5% ABV Pale Ale, with each bottle containing 25 grams of milk bread. Granting the support of Maxim's Group is undoubtedly a victory for upcycling. Starting from August 2022, for every 6 BOBs sold, Maxim’s Group will plant a tree to promote carbon sequestration. Take a sip of BOB and save the pledge to not just save leftover bread, but also support the determination to reduce food waste by making responsible consumption choices! It is now available in restaurants all around Hong Kong.


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